Terms of Service and Refund Policy 


Here in these Privacy and Refund Policy our Company Web Wolf is metioned as "We/Us", "A Project" is referred as a Sale to our any Person or Business who gives us the Purchase order to buy any mode of Service from us which is listed in our Services catalogue plus some supporting Products and Services for the same.

This Privacy Policy shall form a part of the user agreement between you and Web Wolf.


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The domain name https://webwolf.in (“Website”), is owned and operated by Web Wolf, a Sole Proprietorship Firm, Registered under GST Act 2017, having its registered office at Ground Floor, House No. 221/25, NIT Jawahar Colony, Faridabad, Haryana, Bharat (121005) where such expression shall unless repugnant to the context thereof, be deemed to include its respective representatives, administrators, employees, directors, officers, agents, and their successors and assigns.

These Terms of Service and Refund Policy apply to all the Ongoing Projects signed by Web Wolf and some other party with Estimate Quotation as a price Proof from or side, Purchase Order as Proof of Signing a Contract and Approving to Pay the amount written in the Supporting Estimate Quotation for Products and Services listed in the same. 



Project Lifecycle 


As every Firm/Company has it's own way of doing Projects, so have we, at Web Wolf our Projects are done in a Four Step Process i.e. Quotation > Purchase Order and 50% Advance Payment > Proforma Invoice (With max Payment Hold of 60 Days) > Tax Invoice on Completion of Work and Payment.



Whenever a Party is willing to Order any of the Service listed in our Service Catalogue or any other supporting product or Service for the same, they contact us through Email, Phone, Social Media Platforms or by Visiting our Office at "Ground Floor, House No. 221/25, NIT, Jawahar Colony, Faridabad, to describe the End Results they want from our Services, in which they Prepare Documentations for their requirements and explain those to us, in return of which it's our job to make it clear and tell some estimated amount verbally, if the customer agrees to make that thing Legal i.e. Business to Business they ask us for Estimate Quotations for the same.


An Estimate Quotation contains the list of Products and Services which are needed by the Customer with their respective prices and Tax (in Percentage and in Currency, if applicable), we hold the right to mention some Project Specific Terms and Conditions different than Writte on this page as well as in our Privacy Policy in that very Quotation if applicable, to which the Customer should agree and Understand the need of the same.

If the customer wants any clarification for the Extra Terms and Conditions we are solely responsible for the same, but if the Customer doesn't read those Terms and Conditions which caused any Problems during of After the Commencement of Work so, He/She is responsible for the same.


Purchase Order 

After Receiving Estimate Quotations for any Project if the Customer wants to buy that Product or Service from Us, He/She should send us a Purchase Order in return to the same quotation Number by mentioning all the Products, Services, With their respective Price and Applicable Taxes in Percentage and Currency value and duly signed by the Authorised Signatory of the Company.

If the Customer is sending us a Purchase Order for more than One Service in one Document and the Grand Total of the Purchase Order Matches to that of Quotation, Customer has to Pay for the same, He/She can not cancel any of the Service in between the Project duration.

With the Purchase Order Customer should also Pay 50% of the Purchase Order's total amount as an Advance Payment for the Commencement of Work.


Proforma Invoice

After Completion of Work We should Provide the Customer with a Proforma Invoice which is used to Mimic the Final Tax Invoice on the Basis of which warranty is applicable, and Goods and Service Tax Returns is filed. After receiving Proforma Invoice Party should clear all the remaining Dues for the Project after which we should raise a Tax Invoice for the same.

In any Scenario like if the Customer believes that any sort of work is left in his Project he have full rights to get the changes done before the "PI" payment due date. In worst case scenario if the Party is unable to adjust funds which are to be released, the Party Should Firstly Provide a Valid reason for holding the Payment and can hold the same for Maximum 60 Days after which He/She is liable to pay Penalty or Interest on te Payment.


Tax Invoice 


After receiving our Balance dues from the Party We are liable to send the Party a Tax Invoice with all the Applicable Taxes Mentioned on the same and File Tax Returns as Applicable on same.


Project Development Process 


Every Product and Service have different Development Processes which you can see on the How it works section of the Respective Product/Service, which should be mutually followed by both Us and the Party.


Failing in which can cause big problems and Delays in Project Development and Delivery.

Failing in Specifying their requirements Customers are Solely responsible for any delays or Missing Features in the Project.


Refund Policy


As we have made processes for every step of work, and every Type of Project have their own differents sets of Steps, so we Request all the Customers to read our Terms of Service so that they can understand the whole Processes fluently. But if their is any mistake in the work or something is missing customer Holds the Rights to get the changes done at their own convenience or by any mode of Communication, for which we are responsible to make any sort of changes if found missing at no extra cost.

As signing contracts is a very lengthy Process and Customer gives their consent to buy some Product/Service from us at a Mutually decided Cost we believe that this cannot be done by mistake, but if the Customer asks to cancel the Project at any time after the Commencement of work, we apologise to say but this can not be done as after Commencement of work we also invest our Time, Manpower, Intelligence, and Hardwork to ensure 100 Percent Client Satisfaction.


Violation of these Terms, Conditions, Policies by anyone will be resolved legally according to Jurisdiction of Haryana.

Grivence Officer :-

Gwalesh Singh 

[email protected]