How Software Companies are Stealing your Data

Data is the New Fuel

-Clive Humby

In the modern world when every valuable things is becoming less valuable as compared to data, where many Inteelectuals have said that Data is the new Fuel people are scammed on the Internet as well as on calls. Millions and Million worth of currency is hacked or Stolen through cyber crimes here weare in the 21st century living a life we never thought of, people are more mature and intellingent as compared to early times wne there was no technology at all, all these things are a boon and a bane for all of us using Technology.

Google knows everything about us more than our Parents knows, it knows where I went yesterday and what i had in Lunch, what should we call it ? Is it a Gift or a Theft ? Everyone has their own choices and thinking,

but today we are here to know about how Software companies who provide Software and Big Data solutions to other Industries in order to manage their Business, Accounts, Processes, Customers etc. How they are stealing the Data of Big Industries and selling them to on the Internet for marketing, advertising and indentification or their Targetted Customer which sometimes leads to Huge Cyber Crimes. 

What is it all about ?

Well, we are talking about Software sloution providers which uses B2C Data of Big companies and their Customers without their knowledge and then sells that data on the Internet.

I am not going to tell you the exact names of the companies as I don’t have any Proofs on Paper about them and accoriding to the judiciary of India a criminal is innocent upto the date when his crime has been considered by the Honerable Court. So I am just going to explain you their Modus Operandi upto the best of my knowledge.

Which type of Companies

Talking about the type of Companies which use your Data are the companies which Provide Big Data Software solutions to other bigger companies.

For Example : There is a company A which has 100,000 customers and their basic data like Contact Details, Address, Images of Customers, Adhaar Card Number, Pan Card Number, Account Number if Company A manages their transactions on any third party software (Excluding Banking System). And there is a Company B which provides them the Software. To Manage this Big amount of Data at one Place. There are 93% chances that company B stores that Data into their Databases and servers, and now you can understand that they have all the control of that data. They can use it for their own marketing Purposes or even sell it to other companies for their own marketing, advertising or sales Puposes.

Let's take another example from Google

So, Google probably has the biggest database in world ! 

Now Google monitors your behaviour and recommend you google ads on it’s platforms like YouTube, Google Search etc based on your behaviour, and Google provides a dedicated console to it’s advertisers from where they can use your behaiour to target you as their Targetted Audience. So, what ultimately google is doing is that it’s selling your Data to it’s advertisers.

Which companies am I really talking about ?

Well, I am talking about Software companies which provides you Management Systems, like School Management System, Learning Management System, Resaturant Management System, Customer Relationship Planner, Enterprise Resource Planner, Payroll System, Attendance Management System etc.

How and what Data they are Stealing ?

So talking about ERP systems which manages almost every aspect of your Business have all the Crucial data stored in it. Comapnies use that system to manage everything at on Place. And due to Increasing use of Cloud Storage all the ERP Providers are moving from Physical Stoarge to Cloud Storage, there is another reason for it which is increasing interaction between user and ERP systems. In the earlier time there was only one person in an organization who used to manage the ERP System but now as this technology is becoming complex and up to date user interaction has rediculoulsy increased. And due to using cloud storage these companies get an advantage of managing all the data by themselves. User who own the ERP system may see less details because he is only seeing the Frontend of that software, the data which software company allows the Owner or the User to see but talking about the Backend of that system it has many private data like User’s IP Address, Device Information and many other things.

How to stay safe and Maintain Privacy ?

First of all if you are a comapany and using all these Third Party Management Softwraes make sure to do the Following things :

  • Assure your access to the Backend of the Database or ask for a Server Control Panel.
  • If you are using any mobile Application kindly stop using applications like these because they can be very dangerous.
  • Never ever use a Third Party Mobile App to manage your Busienss’s Accounting, Inventory, Sales, Billing, Customer Management, etc.
  • While using any Third Party Cloud based management system Please read and Understand all the Privacy Policies before Signing Up.
  • Have a Separate Database which can be accesed by people you authorize.

The best Solution for Businesses 

If you own or Run  a Business annd need ERP software which protects your Data against all these activities you can use Our Very own ERP Solution which covers all Industries with it’s 45 Plus Modules. In which we will provide you a Dedicated Mobile Application unlike others every user is using the same Application. The Features and our Privacy Poliucies are better explained below.

  • All your Data stays on our Truly Dedicated self Hosted Server.
  • Dedicated Server control Panel from where you can access your Database or RAW Data.
  • Dedicated Mobile Application for every Company.
  • We do not use any third Party Cloud Servers.
  • Dedicated IP Address for every company.
  • Both Online and Offline Management.
  • Offline Data will be backed up to the server when internet is available.
  • We only have your Data (The data which will be used by us will be the basic contact details or our Client Company, because your Customers are your Customer not ours, you are our customer).
  • Manage your Business from the Web or Mobile it’s your Choice.

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