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Hello guys my name is Gwalesh Singh and I am the Founder and Managing Director at Web Wolf Inc. A.K.A Web Wolf.in and today I am going to tell you that why should you choose our Agency to get your Site Developed or Maintained by us ?

In the Time where every Industry is going Digital from Physical there are chances that you should need a web development company or you would hire a web developer to develop your website now or in the near future or you may have done that already in the past, because developing a website or an app related to your business increases your overall online reach and you can show your work on your website or app or you can show how you work or if you have something like a an E-Commerce store so you can deliver products throughout the world by only sitting in your home so that is my website development and app development are very critical things and a very important things in order to take your business physical to digital.


How people choose a Web Development Company or Hire a Web Developer ?

So throughout these years, as a web developer and an app developer and agency owner I have seen many of the people who have their website they got it developed by someone who they already know like their relatives or their friend mostly people choose their relatives or friends or the people whom they already know because they can bargain the prices of website development or can get their website customised as they want so they feel free while talking to them while telling them about the design and functions of their website.

But at the end of the day they choose someone who is new to website development because it is a mind set in our country India that if there is a company which exists now for a Long time may have higher prices as compared to local web developers and freelancers And they think that if they get their website or app developed by big agencies or big companies like XICOM or Konstant they will charge them high prices because these companies work for business to business purposes which means they are developing websites and softwares and apps for big businesses like the those business who really need them but talking about mediocre Web Development Agencies who are thriving to work on a B2C or B2B basis gets crushed between them both because no one choses them. And when they don’t have any Work so they start Charging more to their 1-2 Customers which they get on a Monthly or Quarterly basis.

How to choose the Best ?

1: Find a Registered Company

Getting your work done by a registered web agency or any company which is registered under the national government laws is very safe for investment I mean the money which you will give in advance or the total money which you will give should have some liability means the company which your choosing have some liability have some trust so first thing which comes in your mind when you choose someone to do a work is trust so you can trust any registered company like our company webwolf is registered under the GST law under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs and we have also registered our company in MSME which means Micro Small and Medium Enterprises ore companies also registered on the Gem portal and soon we are going to launch some products for which we are going to be registered under Startup India program so I think that’s enough for someone to trust our agency to get their website or app developed by us.

2: Check Prior Experience

It’s a very important thing while giving Our Work to someone that we should check that if they have done a work like this or I mean how will the approach how will the start to do this work and how they will achieve the success in that work it is very important to see while giving your work to someone or some agency. Now talking about us we have a Portfolio page on a website on which you can see all the work our company has done recently and we have given every single detail in that Portfolio that how we approach that work how we started that work and how we achieve success in network so you can see our Portfolio page to know more about our recent projects.

3: Check Pricing

One of the most important things while giving our work to someone is checking the pricing so at Web Wolf we developed website starting from Rupees 999/- only. We can develop wordpress websites within 4 hours by using Pro themes and Pro plugins which you don’t have to buy because we have general public licence of more than 10000 plugins of WordPress and we use those plugins in a wordpress websites and we have more than 5000 themes for every customers need so we can fulfill those needs with the themes we have we don’t use anything pirated in our customers website and while talking about simple HTML CSS and JavaScript websites if the work is urgent I mean we have to develop the website within one day or two days we use templates Pro templates and themes but if the customer specifies that he or she needs a fully custom design and fully custom functioning within the website we also provide that in record times.

So now you know it all about us that why should you give your work to us so I hope that anyone reading this post will choose us for their work but first be satisfied see our work see our website go through our website go through our YouTube channel go through a Instagram page go through our Facebook page check our are legal documents then I’ll suggest that you should give your work to us.

Thank You.

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