How use of Blockchain can impact Web Development


The blockchain technology that you keep hearing about has already had major impacts in different aspects of the digital sphere, despite being so new. Blockchain can transform the way we use the internet and in some ways, changes have already taken form. The technology has especially affected the web design aspect of internet use. In the coming year, it is expected that blockchain will have more effects on web development. Web developers will need to adapt to this fast-growing technology. As things are right now it is anticipated that some changes need to be done in web design to accommodate this new technology. This makes it important to know how blockchain will impact web design.

Blockchain technology is the best possible solution for information sharing on the internet, which eliminates any possibility of data modification or deletion. 

Digital Marketing & Search Engine 

Blockchain may change the face of digital marketing and advertising as we know it. Instead of using a conglomerate of information amassed from different sources (Google, Facebook, etc.) to market to potential customers, blockchain makes it possible to gather information from the consumer directly. The ability to build a customer profile directly from all of the information the customer is willing to share means marketers can collect that data to discern and pinpoint their customers’ exact needs (instead of making a best guess based on past actions).  

Developing websites on WordPress may also improve from using blockchain technology and its subsequent applications. WordPress is already an open-source platform, meaning that developers contribute to the code, development, documentation, etc. These continuing contributions mutually benefit the users and professionals found within the WordPress community.

The WordPress community can do something similar with blockchain technology. Payment portals are the most obvious use-case, as developers seek to find ways for WordPress to accept cryptocurrencies. The monetization of original content that benefits the author directly is an experimental use-case that’s being carried out right now, through websites such as Medium.

For security and identity, blockchain can encrypt personal information and allow users to selectively share that information. This encryption benefits both parties in terms of keeping their information and website safe from hackers. For blogging, blockchain technology can verify the originality and authenticity of content. This could cut down on plagiarism and duplicate content, as blockchain solidifies ownership.

Even search engines may incorporate blockchain technology into their ecosystem. Nebulas is one example of a search engine created from blockchain technology. They allow “easy access to valuable blockchain data.”

Creation of More Interactive Websites

One of the primary aspects of blockchain is being very interactive. This means that when blockchain and web development come together the levels of interaction always rise. Web designers will have the huge task of making websites more interactive. It will be almost compulsory to make the websites more interactive because there’s so much more A good example is in places like Google where there will be no single centralized page. Instead, there will be an interactive platform which will be changing as circumstances and surroundings change. 

All web designers and developers will need to ensure that complex issues such as analogy and abstraction are not passed on to the users. Instead, the developers will have to work on these issues in the background. The users will not know what has been going on in the background.


While blockchain technology is still in its infancy, we can start to see the beginning of endless use-cases and categories for the infinite possibilities this tech can reach.Blockchain technology provides verification efficiencies, including operational, regulatory, enhanced visibility, and traceability. This technology is also a powerful database that could easily be combined with big data. Blockchain solutions can help cut costs and make many services more competitive.


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