Php laravel for building rest apis


Laravel is an open-source PHP framework, which is robust and easy to understand. It follows a model-view-controller design pattern. Laravel reuses the existing components of different frameworks which helps in creating a web application. The web application thus designed is more structured and pragmatic.

Laravel offers a rich set of functionalities which incorporates the basic features of PHP frameworks like CodeIgniter, Yii and other programming languages like Ruby on Rails. Laravel has a very rich set of features which will boost the speed of web development.


PHP has been the most popular web language in the present times by being simple to maintain, and quick to create feature-rich web applications. Websites that are dynamic, interactive, secure and efficient, need a powerful tool set to create and consume APIs.

An efficient API is needed in our times in order to develop content that boosts discoverability and help achieve business goals, PHP is the language that most web developers use and software that has recently been the most successful on deploying web applications.

In many applications, REST API is a need because this is the lightest way to create, read, update or delete information between different applications over the internet or HTTP protocol. This information is presented to the user in an instant especially if you use JavaScript to render the data on a webpage.

Laravel is a PHP framework developed with PHP developer productivity in mind. Written and maintained by Taylor Otwell, the framework is very opinionated and strives to save developer time by favoring convention over configuration. The framework also aims to evolve with the web and has already incorporated several new features and ideas in the web development world—such as job queues, API authentication out of the box, real-time communication, and much more.


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